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The Heart

  • Fear of Not Being Loved and Being Abandoned
  • Excessive Attachment
  • Jealousy and Distrust
  • Fear of Judgment
  • Style and Flair with a Degree of Narcissism
  • The Need to be Flaterred and Rewarded
  • Fear of Way of Dying
  • Reactive Fear
  • Guilt
  • Hatred
  • Rancor and Remorse
  • An Incapacity to Bear Betrayal
  • Distress
  • Joy and Happiness

Physical care

Regularly exercise to increase the heart's strength and performance, gradually incresing in intensity. Stretch your thorax to give the heart space, avoid slouching.

Nutricional Care

Eat a large amount of soluble fiber. This causes the liver to slow down it's cholesterol production. Favor broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, onions, leeks, carrots, lentils, white beans, and wheat germ; among the fruits favor grapefruit, melon, peaches, apples, and prunes.Use extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil. Every now and then, add a few spoonfuls of canola oil to the olive oil, or dress your salads with walnut oil. Avoid cooked fats, excess sugar, alcohol, cold cuts, cream, ice cream, and salt. Stop smoking.

Psychological Care

Relax - yoga, breathing exercises, music, dancing, singing. When you are feeling tense, avoid confrontation. Learn to round your back.


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